Outsourced Technical Service
Solutions Throughout Europe

Would you like to successfully market your technical products in Europe?

TIMANT offers you an area-wide and highly qualified Technical Service for sensitive technologies of various industries, with core competence in laboratory, diagnostics, and medical technology. Be it complete outsourcing or optimisation, TIMANT offers you a complete service package to establish and strengthen your presence in Europe:

  • Benefit from a reliable organisation and an area-wide network of engineers trained in your products without having to make any investments. In addition, you will receive a high class service infrastructure and logistics operation
  • Avoid linguistic, cultural, legal and political barriers, and benefit from having a Europe-wide contact with extensive knowledge of the markets in different European countries
  • 26 independent countries with 23 different languages, cultures, laws and market mechanisms,and with 26 different healthcare, pricing, purchasing and operating systems
    – 1 service provider in TIMANT
  • TIMANT is a cooperation of independent and certified service providers for sensitivetechnologies in various industries, operating throughout Europe. Whether you require complete outsourcing or optimisation of your customer service, TIMANT offers you a complete service package, Europe-wide service infrastructure and logistics, regional market acceptance and key qualifications.

European cover with TIMANT


Every member of the service network has proven records, many years of experience and fulfils the requirements for high quality expected by TIMANT and its industrial partners. Service providers are selected using stated criteria and are regularly reviewed. The award “Member of TIMANT” stands for first-class service and reliability at the very highest level.

  • Conworx France SarL
  • Conworx Technology GmbH
  • Gamidor Technical Services Ltd
  • Intermed Oy
  • Medical Sorevan SL
  • MOSS S.p.A.
  • Nortech Medical AB
  • SonneService
  • Task Management B.V.
  • Unitronic AS

Range of members

Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Areas Covered by Timant